The story of FixIT is most likely similar to how you started your own business. With a little twist.

FixIT actually stemmed from another business. is the sister business to FixIT Tech Services. With being a tech firm, the team found themselves heavily reliant on their technology and systems to be working perfectly in order for the business to function. However as often happens when working with technology, that wasn’t always the case.

Everytime something IT related would break, it would end up being a long and sometimes expensive process to get it fixed, all the while losing money every hour that systems were down. Eventually the team decided if they learned how to FixIT themselves, it would solve a lot of the problems that they experienced.

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FixIT was started with a simple ideology:

Small business owners in London Ontario would prefer to focus on running their business instead of trying to figure out why their computer won’t work.

We’re a small business, just like you which means we’ve had the same challenges and understand how taking away one less headache can have a huge impact. We make sure that IT is no longer a headache.

When your technology isn’t working we’ll FixIT.

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FixIT Core Values

  • Supporting London Ontario Businesses
  • Keeping IT Support Simple
  • Communication Is The Best Form Of Customer Service
  • Providing You With The Best Solution, Not The Most Expensive
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When Your Tech Breaks. We’ll FixIT.